Tullibody History Group

Researching and recording the village’s history is like a captivating detective story, particularly as many of our older residents have passed away. Nonetheless, the group persevered with determination and managed to preserve their stories.

The History Group has been collecting a vast amount of archive and photographic material for several years, which is now displayed at the Tullibody Heritage Centre.

History Group Committee Members

Chris Calder

Christine Calder

Founder of Tullibody History Group 2001. Originally from Lancashire and Cheshire moved to Tullibody in 1977 .A lot of information was gatherd from my patients when I was working as a district nurse in the villages of Tullibody/Cambus.

Christina Stewart

Christina Stewart

Treasurer of Tullibody History Group. Originally from the Island of Lewis, moved to Tullibody in 2004 and became very interested in the local history.

Tullibody History Group Committee Member Rita craig

Rita Craig ( Masson)

Early member of Tullibody History Group. Lived in Cambus and Tullibody all my life and went to school here so have a great interest in local history.

Tullibody History Group Committee Member Ian Allan

Ian Allan

I have been a member of Tullibody History Group from just after its inception. My family lived in the Village from the mid 1800s and I was interested in local History and when the group were started I felt this would be a great source of help.

Tullibody History Group Committee Member Jane Allan

jane Allan

Joined through interest in my family history, My father's family were born and brought up in Cambus.

THG Blank

Susan Mills

Susan was born and educated in the North East of England. She spent most of her working life as a museum curator/director and was Clackmannanshire Council's Museum and Heritage Officer from 1999- 2017. She has been involved with Tullibody History Group for over a decade.

Historical Achievements

The History Group was formed in 2001 and we opened our Heritage Centre in 2003.
Since then the History Group have achieved much in its years. 

Tullibody War Memorial

Despite the fact that the War Memorial cannot be restored to its original state when it was constructed in 1923, the Council has been able to improve the area by using funds from the Civic Pride Pot to clear the vegetation and make other enhancements.

This has enabled the Community Council to secure a grant for laying commemorative stones in honour of the soldiers from Tullibody who lost their lives.

Tullibody War memorial plaque
Tullibody Auld Kirk restoration

Tullibody Auld Kirk

The Tullibody History Group contacted Historic Scotland and Clackmannanshire Council regarding the condition of the Auld Kirk.

Afterward, they completed phases one and two, and everyone will surely be pleased to see the finished result.

It is hoped that stage three will follow soon.

The Lady's Well

In 2004, the Tullibody By-Pass road construction plans were announced, and the Tullibody History Group took the initiative to locate The Lady’s Well. With the aid of water diviner Mike Cranfield from Dollar, we successfully located the well.

Then, Susan Mills and the Group excavated the well. 

Marshalls and the Council provided their support in creating a path down to the well, which is now accessible.

Lady's Well Tullibody

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